‘Next 50 in 10 balls’: Virat Kohli and Will Jacks’ hilarious banter in the RCB dressing room | IPL 2024

In a spectacular IPL 2024 encounter between Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) and Gujarat Titans (GT) on Sunday, April 28, Will Jacks emerged as the hero for RCB with a breathtaking century, guiding his team to a convincing 9-wicket victory in a high-scoring match.

Jacks' Explosive Century

Jacks, the young English batsman, took center stage with a remarkable innings that showcased his power-hitting prowess. He started cautiously, scoring 17 runs off his first 17 balls, taking time to settle into his innings. However, once he found his rhythm, there was no stopping him. Jacks exploded in a flurry of aggressive strokes, scoring his next 83 runs in just 24 balls to reach his maiden IPL hundred. His innings was a masterclass in acceleration, turning the game decisively in RCB's favor.

Unbroken Partnership with Virat Kohli

Partnering with RCB captain Virat Kohli, Jacks forged an unbroken second-wicket partnership of 166 runs that sealed the match for their team. Kohli played the anchor role with a composed 70 not out, providing the perfect support to Jacks' explosive hitting at the other end. Their partnership exemplified the synergy and balance in RCB's batting lineup.

Banter in the Dressing Room

The jubilant scenes continued in the RCB dressing room after the win, where Jacks was showered with congratulations by his teammates. A lighthearted exchange between Jacks and Kohli captured the camaraderie within the team. Kohli, known for his competitive spirit, playfully challenged Jacks, jokingly asking him if he could score the next 50 runs in just 10 balls. This banter highlighted the infectious energy and bonding among the players, with Kohli's experienced guidance blending seamlessly with Jacks' youthful exuberance.

Kohli and Jacks' Banter

Reflecting on the banter, Kohli shared a humorous anecdote about Jacks' exhaustion from running between the wickets. "He called for two, and when he looked back I was ready for three," Kohli remarked, adding that Jacks decided he had to hit every ball for six to avoid the exhausting sprints. This playful exchange encapsulated the fun-filled atmosphere in the RCB camp, where talent meets camaraderie.

What Lies Ahead for RCB

With Kohli's leadership and Jacks' explosive batting talent, RCB fans can anticipate more thrilling moments from this dynamic partnership in the upcoming matches of IPL 2024. Jacks' heroics have injected fresh energy into the team, setting the stage for an exciting campaign ahead. As RCB continues their journey in the tournament, the synergy between experienced players like Kohli and rising stars like Jacks promises to be a key factor in their quest for success.

The resounding victory over Gujarat Titans not only showcased Jacks' potential but also highlighted the cohesive spirit within the RCB squad. With each player contributing their best, RCB looks poised for more stellar performances in the IPL season, keeping fans eagerly anticipating their next outing on the field.